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What we offer
  • Scaling globally

    GVA is a part of American-Russian entrepreneurial ecosystem with a network of partners in China, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, and Vietnam, and cooperates with more than 500 international experts and investors. Thus cooperation with GVA opens international market for startups.   

  • Venue and coworking

    GVA HUB – is hot spot in the center of Moscow, combining a venue for business events, 2 co-working facilities and multiple mini-offices.    

  • Investments

    GVA has several seed funds in Russia and the Silicon Valley and works with biggest venture and corporate funds all over the world. We invest in startups and assist entrepreneurs in fund raising.   


Acceleration Program is first and foremost an opportunity to identify and fix current challenges in the startup
to better understand the needs of potential clients, improve and package the product, to find partners and enter other markets with the help of expert support, coaching and mentoring.

Our methodology and approach

Our methodology is a result of 8 years of working with hundreds of startups. Individual strategy is developed for each entrepreneur entering the program in order to resolve most acute issues of their startup, provide access to necessary resources as well as new customers and partners. For each startup we set individual goals and a unique set of KPIs that are used to measure the effectiveness of the program.

Since each team, product and market are unique, within the accelerator GVA custom designs the acceleration trajectory, selects an individual coach and forms a list of experts that consult the team. Meetings with additional experts or industrial partners can be arranged if advised by the coach or requested by the team.

Every program is customized according to the startup profile, product maturity stage and goals of the entrepreneurs.

What results 
can the startup expect
Working on improving the business model

We’ll help you with: target audience research, improving the marketing strategy, product development, creating a sustainable business model, partner’s network expansion, scaling internatinally, working out financial model, preparing for investment, etc;

Access to international partners (CIS, USA, China, India, UAE, Iran, etc.)

We will help you scale your business internationally and land in the countries where your market is.

Team building and development

Our T&D experts will help to evaluate and strengthen the team;

First sales / increase of sales

We'll help you reach your target customers and work out value proposition for segments and promotion strategy. We can help with both first sales and improving the current sales metrics.

Partnering and selling to corporations

We will connect you with dozens of corporations that will provide valuable feedback and lead to potential partnerships. GVA will help to prepare proposals and will arrange meetings with corporations’ top- management;

Full package of investment documents

We will prepare you for the fundraising helping you create a full investor document pack, your presentation/pitch and introduce you to multiple funds and angel groups.

Enter the
international markets

  • Mini-office

    9,5 m2 2-4 jobs Package: 24/7 Access, personal card Wi-Fi up to 100 m/bit sec 4 meeting rooms Room for business events with 70 seats The…

  • Coworking GVA HUB
    Coworking GVA HUB

    The first coworking in Russia with a unique business environment: Our residents are start-ups, esports, investors and international partners.


    Global Venture Alliance (GVA) is a company that develops a global innovative ecosystem by creating under one brand an accelerator for the growth of…

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