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What we offer
  • Scaling globally

    GVA is a part of American-Russian entrepreneurial ecosystem with a network of partners in China, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, and Vietnam, and cooperates with more than 500 international experts and investors. Thus cooperation with GVA opens international market for startups.   

  • Venue and coworking

    GVA HUB – is hot spot in the center of Moscow, combining a venue for business events, 2 co-working facilities and multiple mini-offices.    

  • Investments

    GVA has several seed funds in Russia and the Silicon Valley and works with biggest venture and corporate funds all over the world. We invest in startups and assist entrepreneurs in fund raising.   

Enter the
international markets

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    В этом году главное событие страны в сфере развития технологического предпринимательства — международный форум «Открытые инновации» — пройдет с 16 по 18 октября и объединит на своей площадке около 15 000 участников из более чем 90 стран. Местом проведения форума во второй раз станет Технопарк «Сколково». 

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Our portfolio
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  • Faberlic FMCG Accelerator was the first project for development of innovative FMCG-businesses(for startups in Beauty, Fashion, Food и… Read more

  • MEGA Accelerator was the first startup accelerator in retailing arranged by IKEA Centres Russia together with GVA in 2016. . The aim of  MEGA… Read more

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