• GVAccelerator


    GVAccelerator is a smart accelerator, a new kind of entrepreneurship program that fuses the best of practical education with world-class business acceleration, and gives you and your idea everything needed to reach entrepreneurial success.

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  • GVA 10X Investor Program

    GVA 10X Investor Program

    GVA 10X Investor Program is a program of cooperation development, improvement of competencies and joint investments with members of the Silicon Valley ecosystem. The core of the program is a targeted networking and an immersion into professional environment of Silicon Valley. The program offers practical participation in pitching and familiarization with deal-flow. Venture business practices, the organizers of startup accelerators and private investors’ communities are invited as leading speakers. The program will bring favorable contacts and information for serial entrepreneurs and business angels, private investors, TOP managers and managers of investment portfolios.

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  • Seed


    GVA Seed Fund is Investment in projects at early stages of their development with a view to subsequent venture investment.

    The Fund is an integral part of the GVA ecosystem — «smart» generator of projects;.

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  • Speaker

  • Consulting


    Using an extensive network of experts and specialized team of professionals with experience in major consulting companies and in the development of innovative projects, GVA offers consulting services

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  • Plug & Play
    Tech Center

    Plug & Play
    Tech Center

    Plug and Play Tech Center is a business accelerator that specializes in growing tech startups. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, Plug and Play’s global network includes 300+ tech startups, 180+ investors and a community of leading universities and corporate partners. From unique industry networking events, education and immersion programs to M&A, Plug and Play has everything tech startups need to get organized, connect and grow.

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Academy 8
March 11

Creating a revolutionary 360° entrepreneurship/investment ecosystem

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Mar 01 2017 00:00 — Apr 30 2017

GVA Teen Start

В 2017 году GVA запускает первую в России программу по развитию предпринимательских навыков для подростков TeenStart! TeenStart — платформа развития предпринимательских навыков для подростков 12-16 лет, предоставляющая необходимые инструменты для разработки бизнес-проектов под руководством опытных экспертов.

Apr 24 2017 19:00 — 22:00

Корпоративный акселератор и с чем его едят

24 апреля на площадке GVAHUB состоится мероприятие для представителей корпораций, посвященное теме создания корпоративного акселератора. Об опыте создания корпоративного акселератора и внедрении стартапов в работающий бизнес расскажут представители компаний.

Apr 28 2017 10:00 — 18:00

M-Health Congress

28 апреля 2017 года в конференц-зале Mercure Hotel состоится третья конференция M-Health Congress. Она соберет самых разных специалистов сферы цифрового здравоохранения – врачей и ученых, предпринимателей и стартаперов, разработчиков медицинских гаджетов и ПО. В ходе мероприятия запланировано обсуждение ключевых для развития отрасли вопросов

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  • Eduard Timbakov, creating a surgical aid (treatment of high blood pressure)

    Probably, people thanked you so many times, so we will let that pass. I can only say that thanks to the Startup BootCamp I have received and put into practice the knowledge that will help me in my project and in my life as well.

  • Kamil Magomedov, Geenie, SA7

    During training at the Academy, we first have changed the focus of the service, understood clearly where to go, where to move the service, its positioning has been changed, - in this sense it was useful to study at the Academy. Secondly, we have structured our thoughts and theories about business! Now we use the knowledge gained in the Academy, also for other project that was born completely by accident! I think that now we won't spend as much time as we spent at the beginning of the project, without having the right knowledge. The main thing that the Academy gave us is the structuring of thoughts, the system of estimating a potential idea that can grow into the project, and the main asset of connections in various fields, which should be developed in a startup!

  • Aziya Tsydenova SA7, Creative Director at Novikov Restaurant Group and General Producer on Novikov TV

    “GVALG blew my mind, turned it inside out several times and then brushed and put it back! These, I think, were the most memorable 10 weeks in my life over the last couple of years for sure. Actually, they are very cool guys, because they assembled an incredible team of professionals. Within a minimal amount of time they give a sprint result and this has to be lived with, I don't know how well I absorbed the information, but that I got it in a large quantity and of incredible quality is a fact! You have such a smart business model! I wish you a thorough selection and talented entrepreneurs in your Academy! Whatever you do, it's incredibly cool! I would like to see the potential and valuation growing and the number of trips and practices abroad increasing because it expands horizon! California was awesome!!!”

  • Danila Zagorodnyuk, Magickick.me, SA7

    We went to the Academy together with Nikolay quite unexpectedly and became partners! I found a great partner! I little thought I would have a great experience! Now I know that there is so much I don't know! I have a great desire to continue, I will continue coming to this Academy and listen to these lectures again! It is awesome that within the Academy it is permissible! The experience was priceless, and now I look at the world in a different way and, generally speaking, do not regret about anything! Three months flew by like a flash! I wish, of course, that after each week there was another one to rethink what you have been taught! In addition to the studies there are plenty of other exciting activities like meetings and communication with clients in the program.

  • Andrei Teslenko, “Labicom”, CEO, SA5”

    “Startup Academy GVA LaunchGurus made my project factual. Now, I exactly know what I’m doing, what I can do, I know how I will do it. The Startup Academy really helped me to unscramble the project”

  • Elizaveta Tikhonova, CEO Doctor 24/7, SA-6

    One of the high pointing for me in 2014 was the Startup Academy GVAccelerator. I would heartily recommend anyone who found himself running in circles to fall into these guys' "clutches" - you will run even faster, but not in circles anymore. From the practical point of view, this is really a team that brings the world's top names to their students on a regular basis, and then takes those students to them, and if you want to broaden your point of view on a project in particular and on business in general, this would be the most effective way to do it in limited time. From the emotional point of view, which is contrary to the Russian way of doing business but very important especially for the startup phase - they are able to inspire even the most inveterate corporate cold fish :) get ready, they will put you in the way of unique positive stress. And it's important to keep on that passion. From the material and, let's say, the usual point of view - yes, we have built many key relationships mostly through them and less due to that, let's call it, impulse we got. Special thanks to our couch, Daniel Kozlov. To meet such a quiet preparer who professionally cuts whole layers of so darling for every startupper husk is a rare stroke of luck. We wish such luck and many other fortunes to all future students of GVA LauncGurus. And I am sure we will find common ground for the cosmic synergy!


Wednesday, Mar 22

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies starts building its first full-size passenger pod

n the world of Hyperloop, the race is on to see who can produce the first viable commercial system. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies on Tuesday announced a key move in its own progress toward that goal: It has begun construction on its first full-scale passenger capsule, to be completed and revealed in 2018.

Tuesday, Mar 21

IBM unveils Blockchain as a Service based on open source Hyperledger Fabric technology

IBM unveiled its “Blockchain as a Service” today, which is based on the open source Hyperledger Fabric, version 1.0 from The Linux Foundation.

Monday, Mar 20

Slower Internet for Google

The Kremlin may punish foreign Internet giants, but Russian users will foot the bill

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